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Nursery Tree Types in Northern California

Ornamental Trees
Choosing a tree for your home or business is a big deal. You want a tree that will make your space bright and fresh. Or maybe you need a tree that will give you some fruit or shade.
Whatever the case, at Bonfante Specimen Trees, we have dozens of trees to choose from. Look through our options, and you are sure to find a striking tree that will beautify your yard and life.

Tree Types

We offer four main tree types. They include ornamental trees, fruit trees, shade trees and custom/specialty trees. We deal primarily in full-grown and mature trees.

Ornamental Trees

The purpose of ornamental trees is to provide a beautiful, bright decoration to a yard or garden. They are simply meant to brighten your day. Some examples of ornamental trees are magnolia and hydrangea trees.

Fruit Trees

The purpose of fruit trees is, of course, to bear fruit. However, fruit trees can provide beauty and shade as well. They’ll require a bit more upkeep in order to keep the tree healthy enough to produce fruit, but it is well worth the care. Just a couple of the trees we grow include apple and pear trees.

Shade Trees

Shade trees are for — you guessed it — providing shade! We have a variety of shade trees available such as maple and oak.

Specialty/Custom Trees

If you are looking for a more unique or fun tree, we also have some specialty or custom options. If you are interested, we will work with you to get the tree you love!

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Selecting the right tree can be a fun but overwhelming task. With all the numerous options out there, it’s hard to choose! We can help you pick a tree that suits your style and needs. Contact us today!