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5 Ways Ornamental Trees Can Enhance Your Yard


Trees can enhance a yard, and this is especially true of ornamental trees. Indeed, attractive trees can add curb appeal to your house or beautify your backyard landscaping. You'll want to look for a tree that fits within your size restrictions and planting zone. From there, discover how an attractive ornamental tree adds to your landscaping and your outdoor lifestyle.

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6 Tips for Pear Tree Success


If you love indulging in a big juicy pear, you may want to consider adding a few pear trees to your property. Not only will this save you money on your grocery bill, but it will also allow you to make smoothies, pies and jams at a moment's notice. Once your pear tree arrives, you'll need to follow the six tips below to keep your tree healthy so it can produce an abundance of fruit.

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Common Signs of an Unhealthy Tree


Trees die from time to time. Falling trees and branches can cause costly damage to properties. Unfortunately, falling trees sometimes cause tragic deaths and serious injuries. Consequently, business owners and homeowners with trees on their properties have to come to terms with the reality of the dangers of unhealthy or dying trees. Sometimes, a failing or dead tree is obvious — other times, not so much.

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